It was a Tuesday
in May
when the world was at
its quietest
that my world fell apart
because I saw that you
had been wanting her
the way I wanted you.
And there was
not much else to say
because the truth was
right there in front of me,
cold and silent
and forever buried
in the back of my mind
like flames licking at
gasoline on a hot day.
And we tried to
make it work because
we had fought so hard
to get to that place,
but everything I’d built
had collapsed around me
in the matter of seconds,
and my heart hit
rock bottom,
shattering into a thousand
tiny pieces,
undeniably unfixable.
It took months and months
for me to feel okay again
but I did it,
by myself and for myself
because I realised
that you had to go.
Not because it was right
or because it was hard,
but because it was
what you wanted.
It was what you always wanted.
So for now,
I will continue to
move forward
and shape myself into
the person I was before I
was destroyed.
She can have you.
― (via the-taintedtruth)

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